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  • Jar size: 227g
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Refrigerate after opening
Ouse Valley jelly awards

A unique collection of irresistible soft set jellies with tastes to match their stunning appearance.

Ouse Valley jellies

We are renowned for our crystal clear jellies with ingredients magically suspended in their natural set.

The jellies are generally based on an English Bramley apple fruit stock produced in house; they are infused with fruits, berries, herbs and spices and contain no additives.

Seasonal Specialities

Seasonal specialities are an important part of our range; we love to create unusual and unique concoctions!

Products are made in limited volumes according to the availability of ingredients.

We will endeavour to keep customers in touch with specials, though it is always worth while calling to find out what’s cooking! We welcome enquiries for bespoke products.

There may be slight colour variations between batches due to the fruits natural colouring.

  • Cranberry Jelly - SEASONAL

    Cranberry Jelly - SEASONAL 227g

  • Fairy Jelly : Cranberry with Silver  - SEASONAL

    Fairy Jelly : Cranberry with Silver - SEASONAL 100g

  • Fairy Jelly: Elderflower with Gold - SEASONAL

    Fairy Jelly: Elderflower with Gold - SEASONAL 100g

  • Mint Jelly

    Mint Jelly 227g

  • Red Chilli Jelly

    Red Chilli Jelly 227g

    Award winner
  • Redcurrant Jelly

    Redcurrant Jelly 227g