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Ouse Valley products for the Christmas Table

                 Tamarind and Star Anise Jelly, Fig & Honey Conserve, Three Kings Chutney, Eve's Quince Chutney, St Clement's Marmalade with Whiskey,

                                        an assortment of Gift Packs including sparkling Fairy Jellies are just some of our Christmas selection. We are renowned for our

beautiful products and unique flavour combinations browse our selection here.

Last orders for guaranteed delivery before Christmas is December 15th.

We are able to process orders until Sunday 21st December but cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas. Any orders after this date will be processed on Monday 5th January.


     Ouse Valley Wins 3 Great Taste Awards 2014                                               Christmas Gifts

The Gold Awards were awarded to Spiced Aubergine Pickle which received two stars, judges commented “a perfect balance of spices gives a very harmonious product. Great to see Aubergine put to such good use, very well balanced with depth of flavour”.

A gold star was awarded to Brighton Belle Plum Jam with judges commenting “really plumy – like granny used to make, we love the tang and fruity flavour of this preserve”.

The Traditional Piccalilli was awarded a gold star “a vibrant piccalilli with crisp vegetables”.




Traditional Picalilli

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 About Ouse Valley

Julian making marmaladeOuse Valley is an artisan food company recognised for our highly innovative approach, exquisite flavours and beautiful products.

We make award winning jellies, chutneys, jams and marmalades. We also hand make a range of fresh products made to order on a weekly bas